Track is ready to start

Track season is officially here.


Scott Grable (21) jumps at home meet.

Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

It’s officially track season. After the 19-20’ season getting cut short, the athletes and coaches look forward to having their season back. CHSAA has the season scheduled to start April 26th. Last year spring sports only lasted about two weeks due to Covid lockdowns, and all those athletes didn’t get to compete during their season.

Athletes have thought about the last season not happening because of Covid, and how it has affected them. Some of those athletes didn’t do any other sports to stay in shape throughout the year, but there are people that have. Scott Grable (21) said, “I think I’ll just have to knock the rust off and get a feel for it again.” 

Several spring sports are really looking forward to this season happening, although there are definitely going to be some challenges. Ethan Florez (22) said “The training will be difficult because a lot of us haven’t really trained from in like two years because we are focused on other things like work or other sports or even just school work.” As for the single sport athletes, they are going to have to get used to training and conditioning again because they haven’t played any other sports since last track season.

The season will go into the summer and some of the athletes are looking forward to that. Maddie Robson (23) said, “I’ll be super in shape and will have that hot girl summer look.” Overall, the athletes are really looking forward to this season and improving on their skills. Grable said, “I plan to work on my technique so I am ready to go when I go to college.” The athletes are really looking forward to their season this year.