Say yes to the dress

All about the prom dress boutique EHS FCCLA is putting on for students.


Aubrey Ledall, Staff Reporter

Prom wishes will become reality this year because of “Say Yes to the Dress” put on by FCCLA. Students are able to stop by Mrs. Irwin’s classroom for a pop-up prom dress boutique from now until the day of prom, April 17. Heading into Irwin’s room after school for a secluded fashion show offers students the ability to find something they can feel gorgeous and confident in, while the opportunity to get a free dress relieves the worries of many and doesn’t hold students back because of the struggles they may have faced this year. 

Stunning dresses, which are essential for the prom many dream of, are provided by students who drop off old dresses. Junior Addie Burke said, “I have not donated a dress in the past this will be my first year. I know that prom dresses can be really expensive, which could be a problem for girls and families who are a little short on money.” Usually the “Say Yes to the Dress” school benefit brings in 10-20 dresses that students are able to choose from. Some dresses never go out of style, so if they have enough storage, FCCLA tries to keep some of the previously provided dresses for girls in the future. As club sponsor of FCCLA and the main person in charge of coordinating “Say Yes to the Dress”, Irwin said, “I love the club members, they have a ton of enthusiasm and love giving back and helping the school.”