Justin Bieber releases new album.


Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

Justin Bieber finally released another album after a long wait. The fans chose Bieber’s new album Justice as “This Week’s Favorite New Music.” The song Peaches feat. Daniel Caesar and GIVĒON has hit #1 on Apple Music’s Top 100 Global while Hold On sits at #4, and As I Am feat. Khalid at #7.

The album contains 16 songs and I thought that the whole album is really good because I relate to a lot of the songs and it makes me like them even more. Brandi Griffin (24)  said, “My least favorite song would be Peaches just because I don’t really understand the meaning to the song and I can’t relate to it as much as I can to the other songs.” 

Justice has a mix of sad songs and happy songs. There are people that really enjoy the songs and just enjoy listening to them. Aralee Rinebarger (24) said, “The album is an overall good album, it has a lot of variety to it, which makes it better. It also has a lot of songs that are ‘happy’ songs.”

Justin Bieber has really done well with this album because he had really expressed his emotions in all of the songs. In just over three days the album’s numbers on the charts have done really good. The album’s songs have different meanings if people really listen to the lyrics. The song Unstable feat. The Kid Laroi says “Through everything, you been my rock” and it talks about someone that has been there for you no matter what, and has never given up on you even on your worst days. 

The editors note on the album talks about how in the 2020 lockdown Justin had improved on himself and had gotten rid of his cell phone and didn’t think too much about social media or post that much, started therapy, and didn’t work that much by only working until 6 p.m. instead of later, so that he could hang out with his wife. The note also stated, “Bieber tends to use his marriage as a symbol of all his blessings” The album shows that he has become happier and you can hear it in his music.