J.J. Watt starts fresh

J.J. Watt signs two year contract with the Arizona Cardinals.


Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

NFL player J.J. Watt has left the Texans and has agreed to a two year contract with the Cardinals. The move Watt has made is a $31 million deal, and there are quite a few people that are happy about the move, yet some are not that happy about it.

J.J. Watt is a free agent, and he wanted to play for a contender, so the Cardinals fit better in that category for him. The Arizona Cardinals and the Houston Texans play each other every four years. The two teams will play each other in 2021, therefore Watt will be playing against a team he is familiar with. Dj Gaona (24) said, “I like the idea that he’s going to play for another team because I think it would be cool to see him play with a different team. He is definitely gonna make an impact, and hopefully help the Cardinals succeed.”

The impact J.J. Watt will make has so many people supporting him, but he will also have people doubting him. Juan Maravilla (21) said, “J.J. Watt is not the same player he once was and I don’t think he will have a big impact as everyone believes he will on the field. That being said, I believe when someone changes to a new team, new environment, and new coaches the potential to become a better player does increase. It’s kind of a new fresh start and they begin to play harder and contribute more. While I don’t believe he will have a huge impact, it is unknown. I would love to see him make a huge impact on the field. I do believe he will have a big impact on the team in terms of pushing others to be their best and being a team player.”