Going “mad” for March Madness

NCAA sets dates for the long-awaited event.


Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

Men’s basketball has been in session for a while now, and everyone is patiently waiting for March Madness. The National College Athletic Association (NCAA) has confirmed dates for all the rounds in March. Ben Richter (22) said, “I look forward to watching the competitive play that always comes with March Madness.”

March Madness is planning on starting March 18 until the 5th of April. There are a total of 68 teams that participate in March Madness, and everyone has that one team they want to win the whole tournament. Will Grable (23) said, “I want Baylor to win it all. Baylor because they have good players and are well-coached.” In the regular season Baylor has a win-to-loss ratio of 17-0, and 9-0 in conference. Baylor has not lost a game yet in this regular season, and are number one in the Big 12 standings. Looking forward to that team they want to win makes it even more interesting. 

According to Bleacher Report, March Madness is the 14th biggest sports event. Dirk Duncan (22) said, “During March Madness I look forward to all of the betting and the Final Four. People bet crazy kinds of money for games and it’s fun to watch. The Final Four are the best four teams left and it is always good basketball.” The Final Four is always exciting to watch and see who could be the champions, and just see who the best teams are. 

There are plenty of things that all the fans of March Madness don’t want to happen. There are concerns that Covid will ruin the whole thing but those concerns are very little. Richter (22) said, “One thing I don’t want to happen is to watch a team get eliminated because someone gets Covid.” 

Having fans is something all athletes love about their sport, and just having that support all around them. Richter (22) said, “I feel like March Madness will look a lot different considering there will be little to no fans. Fans are a huge part of college basketball and can change the game.” There is always that special feeling that people get when they are playing their sport and just hear how much support they have. Duncan (22) said, “For me personally playing with fans is 100 times better than playing in a “dead gym” with no fans. I’ve played in both a gym with fans and a gym with no fans this year due to Covid, and playing with that extra background noise is a lot better than no noise.”