2021 Prom update

2021 Prom update

Aubrey Ledall, Staff Reporter

Prom is a staple high school event that almost all juniors and seniors look forward to attending in the spring. Girls spend hours picking out the perfect dress and boys find dashing suits to wear. Couples and groups find the ideal dinner spot and plan on dancing the night away. Last year, in the spring of 2020, prom was canceled due to Covid-19. The district shut down in-person learning, forcing students to go online and say goodbye to spring events during the last three months of school. This year there is a light at the end of a long tunnel for the junior and senior classes: the chance to have a prom. Because of all the changes last year, the senior class wasn’t able to have a prom as juniors. The 2021 class is excited that they can experience some iconic high school moments. “I’m looking forward to prom this year because it is something that makes your senior year. We didn’t get to go last year and haven’t had many senior experiences this year,” said Joseline Espinoza (21).

Covid isn’t taking away the prom planning committee’s creative ideas and timely preparations. Students and sponsors have scheduled the 2021 prom for April 17 from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Initially, prom was supposed to be held at the Eaton Recreation Center, however, the guest capacity limitations at the Rec Center required the committee to be innovative and utilize their resources. Prom will now be hosted at Eaton High School in both the main and auxiliary gym which will allow for up to 250 guests (between the two gyms). Hosting prom in both of the gyms will essentially be like putting on two proms at once. The dance will require two DJs instead of just one, and decorating both gyms will double the number of decorations and work.

Because they want to make the night memorable, the committee sent out three theme options to the junior and senior classes: A Night in Hollywood (a night filled with music, flashing lights, walking the red carpet, and Hollywood’s luxury), An Evening in Charleston (a Great Gatsby-like fantasy that transports students back in time to live a night in the notorious 1920s), and Midnight Memories (an evening that lets students reminisce over the last few years of their lives). The final theme choice is up to the junior and senior attendees. 

Although Covid will place restrictions on the event, students, staff, and sponsors are hopeful about prom. Doug Preston, a junior advisor, said, “I think that there will be a high attendance this year. We are working on getting a survey sent out to the juniors and seniors to determine who’s coming.” Students from other schools have the opportunity to attend as long as they have submitted a completed guest form (which includes a COVID symptom questionnaire). Masks will be required and refreshments will be available in a single-serve fashion at the dance. 

Covid also limits students’ dining options before the dance. Because of restaurant capacity guidelines, the number of customers who can dine in is small. Most restaurants in Weld County are at 50% capacity due to Covid-19. Students should plan on making reservations depending on where they dine and should be ready for limited options.

Covid-19 has canceled or postponed many high school activities that students look forward to attending. This year students, staff, and parents are staying hopeful as they continue to make plans for prom 2021.

*If you are a junior or senior student who would like to help plan the 2021 prom, feel free to reach out to Mr. Preston or let your advisor know.*