Eaton High School video game club

Video games are often an outlet for many people. This club endorses that outlet, and gives an opportunity for bonding and involvement.


Dakota Braucher, Staff Reporter

For many people, just like playing a sport, video games are a good outlet to play with their friends, de-stress, and to just have a good time. Teacher Andrew Jorgensen, with the help of a few students at Eaton High School, has decided to utilize this outlet to get students involved. 

The video game club is a place where students are able to relax and have some fun doing the thing they love – playing video games. Not only is it a good way for students to get social and connect, but they are getting involved with the school and the community. There are many other clubs at Eaton High School, but nothing quite like this one. 

The club has a discord, which is an online server where everyone can talk and share their thoughts and their game moments. Although the club doesn’t meet up in person, the social aspect through an online platform is still there. This is a big part of what the club is all about: getting people involved and getting social. 

Organizer of the club, Andrew Jorgenson said, “We have groups of students here who never mesh well together, and here they are, they have one thing in common.” This really shows how students that might not talk as much in class have an opportunity to show others who they are from a more comfortable position. 

School focuses on learning and academics, but those aren’t the only aspects that school contains. A large contributor to school is the social aspect. This club captures that social aspect and gives students something that they can bond and communicate over. 

Student Joe Perez (23) said, “I like to play video games and it helps me to relieve stress.” This is another reason why students are more apt to join the club. People use video games for different reasons, including stress relief. If students like something and have something that they can be passionate about, it really can help them show different sides of themself that they wouldn’t show during the normal school day. 

The Eaton High School video game club captures many great aspects of school and what school should contain more of. Students being able to come together and bond over something here that they might not be able to otherwise is a great thing for many people.