‘Drivers License’ tops the charts in under a week

Charlotte Reynolds, Managing Editor

Two weeks ago, 17 year old Disney star Olivia Rodrigo released her first solo single ‘Drivers License’. In just a week ‘Drivers License’ has topped the Apple Music and Spotify charts worldwide. It also set a Spotify record for “most streams in a day”. Rodrigo stars in the Disney Channel original series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Her character Nina and co-star Joshua Bassett’s character Richard share an on screen and off screen romance.

‘Driver’s License’ is believed to be about Bassett, as her fans know he taught her how to drive. Preceding their break up, Bassett began a relationship with Girl Meets World star Sabrina Carpenter. The lyrics: “And you’re probably with that blonde girl, Who always made me doubt, She’s so much, older than me, She’s everything I’m insecure about.” reinforce rumors about Bassett and Carpenter, given Carpenter is blonde and 21 years old. Rodrigo’s single has been recognized by Taylor Swift, Conan Gray, and Niall Horan. The success of her first hit is due to the immense amount of support through social media.

‘Drivers License’ POVs (point of views) are trending on Tik Tok. Some creators have rewritten Rodrigo’s lyrics to fit the male perspective. Rodrigo has set her career up for success by catching the attention of teens and musical artists everywhere. Fans and news outlets are calling her “the next Taylor Swift”. ‘Drivers License’ is a common interest between middle and high school students because of Rodrigo’s teenage romance experiences.