Senior Spotlight: Grace Smith


Charlotte Reynolds, Managing Editor

Grace Smith (21) plans to study abroad and become a Spanish teacher after she graduates from EHS this spring. Throughout her time at EHS, Smith has found her passion for travel and foreign language.

Smith said, “I’d like to leave behind a legacy of positivity when I leave Eaton High School. I wish more students would realize high school isn’t all about your grades and extracurriculars, it’s about learning and growing as a teenager. It’s about making mistakes and maturing through these 4 years. It’s about making memories and valuable friendships. It’s about connecting with your peers and teachers.”

Smith has made sure through her years of high school, she makes everyone feel important and included. She recognizes each individual and their talents. Smith participates in Link Leadership, Theatre, and NHS. “Through my extracurriculars, I have made sure to be a good influence on underclassmen. I want to set a good example of balancing work and school while still enjoying the values of life,” said Smith. While most get caught in the chaos of everyday life, Smith makes certain she finds joy in the small things, and she wants to share that feeling with those around her.