Swift releases her second album in 2020



Charlotte Reynolds, Managing Editor

Just four and a half months after her highly successful release of Folklore, Swift surprised her fans with Evermore. She describes her ninth studio album as the “sister album” to Folklore. The fifteen track album features woodsy folk songs with poetic lyrics. Swift collaborated with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon a second time to create her album titled song ‘Evermore’. While in quarantine, Swift completely transformed her career by writing a plethora of stories. Evermore is full of songs that share stories near and far from Swift’s heart.

‘Marjorie’ eulogizes Swift’s grandmother Marjorie Finley, who is much like herself. Finley passed when Swift was young, so in her work, Swift grieves the loss of someone she was too young to fully know. ‘Tis the Damn Season’ narrates the perspective of Dorothea, an actress who returns to her hometown and revisits a high school lover, much like ‘Betty’ from Folklore. Then, in ‘Dorothea’, the male’s point of view is shared.

One of the most recognized pieces from Evermore is the scandalous ‘Champagne Problems’, which tells the tale of a woman struggling with mental illness who is having an affair. She chooses to end her existing relationship the night before her lover’s planned proposal. The protagonist expresses her so-called “champagne problems”, “Because I dropped your hand while dancing, left you out there standing, crestfallen on the landing, champagne problems”. Swift allows her listeners to see characters in different lights through the songs in Evermore. By doing this, she also carves out a brand new path for her artistry, allowing room for music and literature lovers alike to enjoy her work.