Perfect attendance at EHS

Six amazing students have come to school every day and achieved perfect attendance.


Blake Hays, Staff Reporter

For how rough this year has been on many, six students have managed to persevere through the tough times and come to school every day. Aedalin Barclay,  Isabelle Mellman, Madison Robson, Phyllis Zhang, Feliz Martinez, and John Martinez achieved perfect attendance in the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. John Martinez (22) said, “ You have to ask yourself is it worth going to school when families are at risk?”

This is an outstanding achievement and shows the dedication and hard work these students have put forth to further their education. Hopefully, more people will continue to come to school now that the break is over. As long as everyone continues following the safety guidelines that have been put in place, and to do the right thing, students at Eaton High School can maintain a school schedule and miss fewer school days. These outstanding students have a tremendous will to continue to not miss a single day of school this year. That is not an easy task to accomplish. EHS commends these students for maintaining perfect attendance. For students who didn’t make the list no worries, there is always next semester to try to make it to school every day. Although it is recommended that students stay home if they are sick to keep everyone safe, EHS encourages students to be at school when appropriate.