Elite injuries

The NBA is back to normal. Players are getting injured and can’t play.


Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

The NBA is back without being in a bubble, but there are players starting to get injured more and more. Players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and many more have gotten injured. Ashleigh Williams (23) said, “Injuries are bound to happen, they are playing a contact sport. How players respond to getting hurt determines what kind of player they are.” Anthony Davis sat out Sunday’s game against the Timberwolves with a calf contusion, and the league does not know when Davis will be back to playing in games again. 

LeBron James rolled his ankle playing against the Timberwolves, on December 27. James and Davis are expected to suit up on Monday to play the Trail Blazers. Jared Mccormack (22) said, “In LeBron’s case he is an older player so he needs more time to recover, and it’s more important to have him available for a run at the finals.”

Stephen Curry rolled his ankle playing against the Clippers, after winning player of the week and reaching a 62 point game against the Trail Blazers. Head coach of the Warriors Steve Kerr gave an update stating that Curry’s injury isn’t that serious. 

Klay Thompson had missed most of his 2019 season due to a torn acl, and he had recovered from that injury. Jarrod Robison (23) said, “Klay Thompston was a team player and he should get praised for what he does for his team. He is a good player and teammate.” Thompson has a right torn achilles tendon, and is expected a full recovery. Thompson tore his achilles in November while doing some off-season training, and he will not be able to play until the 21-22 season. 

Almost every team has at least one person out because of an injury or personal reasons. The teams have gotten used to playing together even when players are out for injuries or personal reasons. Meanwhile the main focus for the coaches, the players and the league is for every player to be healthy and able to play, and winning can not be done if you are not healthy enough to play.