Junior Brogan Barr wins best play in Colorado

Barr’s 50 yard interception resulted in a touchdown, and a Reds win


Jaden Stone, Sports Editor

On a big third down in the 2A state championship, the Lamar Savages had the ball down just one touchdown.  

Junior at Eaton High School, Brogan Barr (22), who was playing cornerback, would not let that score happen. 

 “My teammates were so hyped,” he said, “It didn’t feel real when it happened.”

 On a pass play, Barr stepped in front of the Lamar receiver and picked the ball off.  Not only did he complete the interception, he took the ball back for a Reds touchdown.  

Barr said, “The only thing that was going through my head when I made the play was focusing on making it to the endzone to help my team.”  

He ran the ball back 50 yards for the touchdown and it put the Reds up two touchdowns, and later brought the Reds to their first state championship in 20 years.  “The label ‘state champ’ is something great within itself, I feel that all of my hard work paid off at the end of the season.”  

As someone who has played football his whole life, he said, “The things that inspire me to play are the glory moments, the team bonding, and the brotherhood, and all the life experience that I now have under my belt.”  

9News ranked the play number one in the state on state championship weekend for Colorado.  Barr said, “It feels amazing to be recognized as having the best play in Colorado especially during state championship week.”  Barr finished by saying, “Now, looking at how I see myself in football, I know that I am capable of doing a lot more than I thought.”  

Brogan Barr (22) lines up for a play in a season game.