EHS Elf on the Shelf


Abigail Vondy, Editor in Chief

Jingles the Elf was brought to EHS to watch the students during the month of December. While spreading Christmas cheer, Jingles moved everyday to a different location. From the Christmas lights to the sanitizing station, she watched as the students roamed the halls. Although her time in the school was limited due to the impromptu remote learning, the students were able to get many smiles with her. Below are images of the EHS students with Jingles the Elf.






Yaritza Puente (21) and Mauricio Puente (23)  found Jingles in the library.













Grace Smith (21) found Jingles hanging from the Christmas lights.













Dimitrius Reyes (22) found Jingles sitting at the sanitation station.











Dimitrius Reyes (22) and Karson Chadwick (22) found Jingles during her photoshoot.










Marco Rodriguez (21), Jayden Kuskie (23), and Avril Rodriguez (23) found Jingles in the wrestling room.







Aralee Rinebarger (24) found Jingles in the trophy case.









Alex Castaneda (22) found Jingles hanging from a pan in Irwin’s room.
















Tristan Ryan (22) and Wesley Martin (22) found Jingles in Kirchoff’s room.











Adan Luna (22) found Jingles in the trophy case.










Ashlyn Meyer (22), Brooke Beacom (22), and Kati Conway (22) found Jingles in Lemon’s room.














Alexis Bruntz (22), Ashlyn Higuera (22), Hailey Bangert (22), Daisii Mendlik (22), and Sydney Mills (22) found Jingles hanging from the lights.












Yaritza Puente (21) and Aspen Hockley (21) found Jingles in Mr. Jorgensen’s room.