Reds dominate Severance for a 51-6 finish


Emily Hogsett, News Editor

The Eaton Fightin’ Reds headed to the neighboring town of Severance to battle them in their 5th week of the season.  The Reds came onto the field on fire leading to a running clock within the last few minutes of the 2nd quarter.  Heading into their last game before playoffs, the Reds are ranked 5th in the 2A football.

The Reds came into play strong and fast, earning them 14 points in the first quarter followed by 30 points in the second and a final seven points in the fourth.  The Silver Knights made it to an end zone once during the fourth quarter.  During the night, some of Eaton’s young athletes were able to get time on the field.  

Freshman Deangelo Rosas (24) said, “the team really played with each other and played as a team. We all had no missed assignments and played a really good mental game.”

While battling the Silver Nights, Eaton gained 477 all-purpose yards, which is their record for the season.  Two touchdowns were made by Ethan Florez (22) and Scott Grable (21), one touchdown was made by Sal Rojas (21) and Morgan Tribbett (23).   

“My personal highlight of the game was my sack in the first quarter.  It kind of helped me set the tone for the game the team and I were going to have,” said Tribbett. 

Eaton’s defense was able to keep an endzone out of reach for the Silver Knights.  Florez had seven tackles followed by four tackles for Ryan Dirksen (22), Tanner True (21), and Tribbett. Dirksen had a total of 12 sacks for the Reds and Tribbett had eight sacks.    

As playoffs are around the corner, “most experts, at this point, feel like we will make the playoffs regardless of a win or loss, but we really want that win because it is against Platte Valley, we are competitive, and it will help our seeding,” Head Coach Zac Lemon said. “If we win, we will most likely be a top-four seed and will host the first-round playoff game.”

On Saturday, November 14, the Reds will battle their rival, Platte Valley, in their own stadium. After battling the Broncos, the Reds will be sent off to fight for their spot as round one of playoffs begins.  The Reds will be having their senior night during the Platte Valley game.  Eaton’s football team is ready to battle their next opponent as rivalry grows and the stakes get higher.