Senior Spotlight: Emma Blaskowski


Charlotte Reynolds, Managing Editor

Emma Blaskowski (21), student body president, Link Leader, FCCLA member, and baseball team manager plans to attend college next fall. “I would like to attend Notre Dame University of Michigan to study sports management or political science,” said Blaskowski.

As a leader, Blaskowski values the family environment at EHS. Blaskowski said, “The most important thing to me is that my peers like coming to school. I want to help create an environment where school is more than just classes. I want the students to feel like a family and each of their voices are heard.” She has made sure to make the most of her high school experience despite the challenges she’s been presented with.

“I hope to leave behind positive memories for those I go to school with. I want everyone to think of Eaton High School as fondly as I do. I want students to look back on their time here and remember how special Eaton is,” said Blaskowski.