The lasting impact of Abigail Silva


Abigail Vondy, Editor in Chief

Students remember her beautiful soul and her warm smile. Her kindness and love were visible to all. Abigail Silva left an impact on all students and staff at Eaton High School and her memory will forever be honored throughout halls.

EHS Junior Abigail Silva passed away on September 11 after a fatal car accident that resulted in two deaths and one injury. Silva and her father collided with another vehicle on Highway 85 that Friday afternoon. In the weeks following Silva and her father’s death, a balloon release was organized for the students and loved ones to come together during the difficult time. The students and staff also created posters for Silva’s family members to ensure they understood the impact Silva had on the lives of her peers. Also, a car wash fundraiser was held at Heritage Market to help the Silva family with funeral expenses. The school and community continues to mourn this great loss as the semester rolls on. Silva’s classmates constantly recollect her contagious smile and beautiful soul. Her kindness towards all will forever be embedded in the minds of EHS students.

Most of Silva’s time was spent with her family and friends. Family was the most important aspect of her life, including her dogs. Some of her biggest passions were basketball, photography, and, of course, her family and friends. Classmates who grew up with Silva at their sides could recall her on the court, giving it her all. Or behind a camera lens, prompting students to smile, capturing those magical high school memories, and giving her classmates a good laugh. Silva was a strong contributor to the Eaton High School yearbook. Her passion for creating shined through her beautiful images. Silva’s education was also important to her. She was a smart young girl with great potential. She worked hard for her grades and had an admirable work ethic. This work ethic was transparent in every aspect of her life.

Silva was constantly pushing herself to do her best. She kept a positive attitude and was always searching for the bright side of things. Her humble and warm personality radiated throughout her time at EHS. 

Silva’s siblings were a major contributor to the way she went about her life. Silva was dedicated to being a good role model for her little sister and did her best to provide a helpful hand to her brother and parents. She adored her siblings and would have done anything for them. This same admiration was shared for her close friends, who had been by her side since elementary school. 

Abigail Silva was a great person to all. Her death will forever impact the students and staff at EHS and her smile will forever be remembered in the minds of her peers.