Class of ‘21 is going to college!


Genesis Gurnsey, opinion editor

As senior year slowly creeps to the end, students apply and get accepted into a variety of colleges, for many different majors. Senior year for class od 2021 may end up looking like senior classes from past years or look like the senior class of 2020. An example of how it may look like 2020 is not exactly having a “normal” or “real” graduation. Seniors this year are hoping they have a normal graduation. They hope to actually walk across the stage in person. They’re hoping they dont have a virtual graduation. Jonathan Brantner has a positive outlook on graduating, no matter how it would turn out,  “It would definitely be a bit of a disappointment, but as long as we still get to actually graduate, I’m mostly ok with it” (Brantner 21). As juniors last year, class of 2021 couldn’t contain their senioritis and now that it is finally their year, they are unable to contain theirselves.   

Many students in Eaton are really hoping and preferring a bigger school, since they all grew up in a small town, such as Abigail Wawrzyniak “I really want to go out of state, more specifically virginia. I have family up there and just really like the social environment and how green that state is” (Wawrzyniak 21) “My dream school right now is James Madison University, VA. I like this school because it is a big school with over 20,000 kids in it and I recently toured it and love it!”

Another senior, Mackenna Dolton (21) has already settled on a university, “Grand Canyon University, and the amazing support the staff gave me as they walked me through the whole process” she has also said, “it’s also a christian school, which would make having to be in a new place easier because most will be like minded to me.” Many seniors have decided on colleges that would be easier for them, others are just going to different colleges for majors that would be easy for them to learn.

Angela Garcia (21) wants to do some social work at a point in her life, “I was planning on majoring in psychology and I’m going to minor in criminal justice.” No matter what college the class of 21 goes to, it will in a way reflect on how they are as a person, what their values are, and their morals. Senior year is slowly coming to an end, and class of 21, is making the best of their senior year as much as they can.