Mom jeans have it goin’ on

90’s fashion has made a comeback, so don’t clean out your closet too soon because you never know when styles will be back on trend.


Rylee Martin, News editor

90’s fashion is making a comeback at Eaton High School! Many students are following creators in their styles, creating a very diverse fashion statement throughout the school. Clothing like mom and boyfriend-style jeans, oversized vintage t-shirts, white Air Force Ones, and scrunchies are typical staple pieces students can be found wearing on the daily.

 Many people are following different creators like Tik-Tok stars and Youtube creators and copying their unique style. Brooklin Frank (23) has a very unique sense of style that follows the 90’s theme. Frank said, “ My favorite part about my style is how I can feel comfortable and cute at the same time.” With many different trends that go on in the 21st century several students hop onto the clothing trends until those trends are known as “basic” Frank said, “The most basic piece of clothing that I see is mom jeans.” 

One of the best parts of coming to school is the opportunity to express oneself through clothing choices. Frank said, “I feel like my fashion really compliments my personality and the best part is that I feel like I wasn’t influenced by anyone to wear the type of clothes that I wear, it kind of just felt right.”  Fashion has made a huge impact on students and has embraced the huge variety of fashion trends making school like a big “fashion show”.