Suicide Prevention Month ends with positivity

NHS Spreads positivity throughout the halls of Eaton High School.

Suicide Prevention Month ends with positivity

Dakota Braucher, Staff Reporter

Eaton High School’s National Honor Society (NHS) wanted to do something for Suicide Awareness Month, which is the month of September, so they decided to spread positivity throughout the halls of the school by having students write uplifting notes to one another. 

Every student was prompted to write a kind note to another student within the school. Later, these notes were anonymously distributed to the students they were written to. This can be especially inspiring because the notes are anonymous. 

Everybody can use a little bit of positivity in their lives, especially through these hard times. This is exactly what the thought was behind this idea. NHS sponsor Amy Ross said, “Our hope was to brighten the day of everyone in the school, as the group made sure every student received a note on Friday.”

NHS president Catelyn Adams (21) said, “NHS brainstormed ideas to spread positivity and eventually decided on this idea…we wanted to find a way to help change the environment for the better in a way that included everyone.” What better way to make people happy, and to spread a positive message around the community than to watch everybody lift each other up.