Football’s coming back

Friday nights lights are returning

Logan Gullett, Staff Reporter

As of Wednesday Sept. 16th, Colorado High School Sports and Activities Association (CHSAA) has approved the return of football. The ruling allowed for schools to choose to either play in Season A (fall) or Season C (spring) if fit to do so. A majority of Colorado high schools have chosen to play in the fall. With practices already underway, games are set to be played as early as Thursday Oct. 8th. Along with Brush, Fort Lupton, Platte Valley, Sterling, Valley, and Weld Central, Eaton will compete in the Patriot East League. 

Many people were upset with CHSAA’s original decision to move football to the spring, so through protesting and eventually re-planning, CHSAA has come up with the plan for high schools around Colorado. During an interview with CBS  Denver, assistant commissioner for CHSAA, Adam Bright said, “Our schools will have the choice to compete with either, both seasons will have a championship. There are going to be some things that are going to be unique and different, but I think we can also view this season with the lens that we want to be able to compete.” Everybody wants to play football and return back to normal, but unfortunately, this year is a year of many exceptions.

Varsity football player Jacob Webster (23) said, “I’m glad I get to play now, but myself and others had other commitments because we all thought that football was going to be cancelled. However we are all grateful to be playing.” Now that football is coming back, many athletes are happy, but they will have to be prepared for an unusual season.

Players can expect to have modified practices that better suit social distancing and at games they will be required to wear masks when not on the field. There will be limited spectators at games, and masks will be required at all times. In order for this season to work out, everyone has to be prepared for change.

Although this year won’t be like the past ones, Eaton and the rest of Colorado is grateful that football is even allowed. As long as everyone can follow the rules, then football will be back.