Senior Spotlight: Kynna Gentry


Charlotte Reynolds, Managing Editor

Kynna Gentry (21) plans to play volleyball at a Division 1 school, Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York next fall. Gentry has held commitment and leadership high on her priority list all throughout high school. She plays for Eaton High School’s volleyball team and The Diff Volleyball Club.

“The most important thing I do as a leader is helping the freshmen find their way in high school. My little brother is a freshman, so I’ve become closer to the kids in his class. I try to help them as much as I can whenever they need it. I want to be the person they can stop in the hallway if they need something, and I want them to feel comfortable shooting me a text or calling me.”

Gentry exemplifies excellence in what she’s most passionate about: volleyball. Because of her hard work and dedication, Gentry will get to continue her volleyball career. “I love competing. It’s so rewarding getting to play with the best players at big national qualifiers and really push your limits,” said Gentry.