Teen music producer, company owner, and investor

Dominic Lopez Varela is the owner of a self named enterprise called “DLV Productions”, an investor, Shopify store company owner, and rising music artist all at age 15.


Jackson Taggart, Staff Reporter

Dominic Varela (23) has put in research since the 7th grade in order to obtain a good understanding of how to start and run a business. However, In 7th grade he started making a shopping business on an online shopping store called “Shopify” where people can make their own business and sell their products. Near the end of that year he sold his first Shopify business and put the money back into making more Shopify stores by buying more products to sell. Now he’s sold two more Shopify companies and is currently putting together more. 

He puts the revenue from sales into buying certain shopping websites and investing. He has followed in his step father’s footsteps and invested into bitcoin, but with bitcoin currently down he has invested in waffle makers and back into his business to help it grow. With barely spending the money he’s earned he has been able to put a substantial amount of money into his company and music.

Varela’s step dad used to be a DJ and gave him his old setup as a birthday present in February of 2018 and taught him how to use the hardware. This sparked Varela’s music career. In May of 2018 Varela had his first gig at a party which inspired him to continue his passion for music and by the end of 9th grade it really paid off when he started to receive multiple calls to be a DJ at parties. From May to July this year he has been on tour to New Mexico, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Arizona. He was planning on going to California and New York but due to Covid, he will have to postpone.

Being a DJ isn’t the only music path he’s following as he also owns a record label called “2 Young Records” with five artists signed off to it. With Varela’s music talents being recognized he was accepted into the “Los Angeles Recording School” on Sept. 3 2020 where he will be continuing his music career. He’s focusing on writing music and using his producing skills to create his own songs for his record label.

All of this has made Varela view society a different way, he has gone through people ridiculing  him saying he’ll never get anywhere and that what he’s doing is easy. “Putting in the hours is hard and some people don’t think it takes dedication but it really does,” Varela said. He is currently putting more time into music and is planning on doing it for the rest of his life.