Shaved ice on wheels

Mauka Ice has caught the attention of many students and the surrounding communities.


Lina Cruz, Staff Reporter

The new ice cream truck cruising around Eaton has really caught the attention of many people and it’s drumming up tons of business. Eaton has never had it’s own ice cream truck, but it has had many failed ice cream shops. EHS students have many good things to say about Mauka Shaved Ice, and find it easy to support the new business, “There aren’t really a lot of ice cream trucks around and instead of going to them they come to you,” said Ashley Ortega (23). Having the truck drive around Eaton, Pierce, Ault, Severance, and Windsor makes it more convenient for customers, so they don’t have to drive to get their frozen treat, the truck comes to them. It also makes it super convenient for their customers that can’t drive yet. The truck is really popular because of their shaved ice, many snow cone trucks have chunky ice, but Mauka Ice has gone the extra mile to ensure their customers are satisfied.

 Mauka Ice caters to all types of customers, Nancy Estrada (24) said “I’d recommend it because even if you’re lactose intolerant there are some other snack type treats.”  Mauka Ice stops at the High School every day at lunch and they stop at many events in Eaton. Kurt Hartshorn, one of the owners of Mauka Ice, says the truck’s busiest time is between 7pm-9pm Hartshorn also said, “Eaton has been very receptive to the shaved ice and ice cream truck, they’ve done a wonderful job of keeping us afloat. We are proud to be part of this community.”

The truck has a friendly atmosphere that attracts many people, Chloe Schultz (23) said, “ Yes, I would recommend this Ice cream truck, because you’re not only getting great ice cream, but you also get to meet great people.” Muaka Ice is very popular with the students at EHS and with the entire Eaton community, many students hope that this time Eaton has a permanent place to purchase frozen treats.