XC faces cold weather at Monfort Park

Gullet and Rasmussen place first in the freezing temperatures


Abigail Vondy, Editor in Chief

During the cold 45 degree weather, both boys and girls placed fourth at the cross country meet on Wednesday. While overcoming the frost, the runners faced Northridge, Estes Park, Heritage Christain, Severance, and Roosevelt at Monfort Park. With Logan Gullet (23) placing first for the boys with a time of 16:55, and Andie Rasmussen (24)  placing first for the girls with a time of 20:04. 

The team placed well overall and most runners captured new PRs and season-best times. The cold temperatures made the meet more challenging, but the runners powered through and ran as though their muscles weren’t freezing. Coach Jaryn Guerra said, “I was proud after the meet. Most runners improved and it went well, but I left thinking  about how much more work we still have to do because of the potential the runners hold.” Guerra has recognized the team’s ability to overcome challenges and believes the team can improve an immense amount before regionals in four weeks. With their constant perseverance and dedication, the team plans on continuing to better themselves. Rasmussen is proud of the team but also sees room for improvement. She said, “We need to work more on finishing, including myself. Towards the end of the race, you get tired and it’s harder to push through and get there. But once we work a little more on that, I think we will be great.”