Quarantine is lifted for EHS


Emily Hogsett, News Editor

Just a few days ago, 84 students and 5 staff members of Eaton High School were sent home due to a case of COVID-19 within the school.  These students and staff are now able to return to school after administration released to the public that new test results came back negative.  

After one of Eaton High School’s students tested positive for COVID-19, their doctor encouraged them to get another test within 24 hours of receiving the positive test results.  The student’s second test resulted as negative.  Due to the new data, students and staff are able to come back to in-person learning if they wish. 

Anyone who was sent into quarantine is welcome to finish out their two weeks if they wish to do so.  Students that choose to stay in quarantine will be provided with school work just as it has been done the past few days of quarantine.  

Administration still asks if any person is ill to stay home and not come to school.  While at school, mask-wearing, social distancing, and personal hygiene expectations have not changed.  

I want you to know that keeping students healthy and safe is of great importance to me, and we look at data and information that is pertinent to OUR community and that is what we base decisions on,” Superintendent Jay Tapia said in his email to parents.  “I also want you to understand that just as important to their health and safety is your child’s education. Our business is the education of your child.”

From day to day, everything is changing.  As a school district, Eaton is rolling with the punches to the best of their ability.  Through these hard times, Eaton Schools have shown true to their values of education and safety for all their students.