84 students and 5 staff in quarantine


Emily Hogsett, News Editor

Throughout these past few weeks of school, the thought of having a case of COVID-19 in Eaton Schools has lingered in the back of everyone’s mind.  Highland, Fort Lupton, Windsor, and Greeley school districts have all had a confirmed case of COVID-19.  On Wednesday, Eaton joined the list as 84 students and 5 staff members were sent home for quarantine – with the next few weeks of school looking very different for the students of EHS.  

On September 2, some of the high school students were called into the main gym for school officials to make the announcement that they had been exposed to the student who was thought to have COVID-19 and are going to be quarantined.  Students are chosen to be in quarantine based on interactions with the student who supposedly contracted the virus.  If students were in contact with the individual in close proximity or for more than 15 minutes, they were quarantined.  The administration did this contact tracing for the days before the student’s test results came back positive. 

Students who were exposed will be quarantined for at least two weeks.  These students will continue their learning from home and online.  Students must do their classwork at home but on schedule with students physically at school.  After the two weeks of quarantine are up, students and teachers that haven’t had symptoms of COVID-19 may return to in-person school.

Students still in school

As for the students that aren’t in quarantine, school will have acute differences from before.  Students in school will have to go to class and learn virtually for classes with quarantined teachers.  Mask wearing, social distancing, and personal hygiene are going to be carried out as in the past.

Changes for the staff

The teachers and staff of Eaton High School have big changes for their classroom and life as well. The 5 teachers that have been placed in quarantine will be teaching virtually.  During the class period, a sub or other teacher will be in the room monitoring students while the teacher gives lessons virtually.

The rest of the school year

It is uncertain how the rest of the school year will look due to the confirmed case of COVID-19.  Eaton High School’s staff is prepared to transfer to online school, have hybrid school, and stay in school.  Contrary to rumors, the school will not close down if another case of COVID-19 occurs.  The school district will determine their next course of action when more cases occur.  

“I truly believe learning from a computer is not the way to go; I mean it works for some kids, but not for the majority. They need to be around each other and socialize, so kids just need to take it one day at a time and appreciate the days they are able to be together,” Superintendent Tapia said. 

This school year will be different, but the Reds will get through it as a district, community,  and town.  No matter what changes in our world, the environment of Eaton Schools will make the best out of the worst – including the pandemic.  As a school, EHS may not be able to be together but will tackle the challenges set before them and continue to be Red Strong.