Construction commences

Construction gives 1928 building a new look


Abigail Vondy, Editor in Chief

Walking through the 1928 building doors at the beginning of the day was like walking into the past. The feeling of walking down the hall and glancing at the old small classrooms was unlike any other. But similarly to many aspects of 2020, this year is different. Whilst still feeling the itch of the past, the future lurks near as the upstairs of the old 1928 building is being remodeled. Currently, the sounds of construction fill the rooms of the old freshman hallway as the transformation begins. Predicted to be finished by December, three large and two small classrooms are replacing the old eight. Once the construction is completed, classes downstairs will move upstairs and the first floor will begin its construction in January 2021. 

New tasks are also beginning in the near future, including the two story addition that runs from the 1928 building across the back and ties into the pool area. Starting in late October/ early November, EHS students should expect more organized chaos as the high school converts to a middle school. 

All construction is going according to plan. Everything is following the timeline accordingly and the budget is going well. The future of Eaton is finally beginning. Superintendent Jay Tapia said, “ I want the students to be excited about being part of something great. This is something that is bigger than just one person, this will make a difference for years to come.”