Mask Madness

Many students and staff just wear paper masks or plain masks, but there are some students who are trying to make the best of the situation, and have themed masks.


Lina Cruz, Staff Reporter

Even through these tough times, students and staff are trying to make the best of the situation by keeping things interesting. This 2020-2021 school year’s fun has been limited, but there is a new way to keep this year full of spirit: masks. Most masks are plain, while others have unique themes, patterns, or words. Some students and teachers try to mix up their masks, as well. Masks are a mandatory addition to student and staff fashion, it gives students a chance to add creativity to outfits and spices things up. English teacher Kylie Griffin gets her masks from Etsy. “I try to match my masks with my clothes, but it really doesn’t work,” she said. Her mask theme is animated characters from different movies and T.V. shows, like Star Wars and Pikachu. Aisha Morales’s (23) masks have different sayings on them, one of her masks says,  “I’d rather be sleeping.” Her explanation for her mask was, “I would always rather be sleeping, so I’m going to tell people how I feel. I also love that my mask is unique.” Most masks are store bought or bought online, but Aisha’s mask was homemade.  Shelby Pribelsky (23) bought her mask on Amazon, like many students do. Pribelsky’s  mask theme is based on politics. “It’s the only mask that I would wear and I just wanted to express my opinion,” she said.  Masks may be uncomfortable, but they are an essential part of the staff and student wardrobe, so why not make some fun out of it?