New teachers at EHS

Natalie Trevino, Staff reporter

It’s a new year at Eaton High School, and it will be a year the new teachers will never forget. This year there are a couple new teachers that joined the Eaton school staff. They get to begin teaching here on a little side track due to COVID-19. For some teachers, their teaching ways have to be shifted a bit to fit the needs for COVID-19. The new teachers are: Allison Duncan (PE/ Health), Abby Welle (Spanish), and Michael Cyphers (Industrial Technology). 

Mrs. Duncan is the new PE/health teacher. Mrs. Duncan felt as if the masks were covering up her face and no one is able to see her smile. Duncan is really grateful for at least seeing her students’ faces and not doing it over a computer or just not at all. She said, “I feel like if we all do our part to help buy science some time, we will get through it. I feel terrible for people who have to experience feeling ill and can hope we get back to some “normalcy” soon.” If students and staff do their part by wearing masks and following district guidelines, soon enough school might return to some level of normal. Duncan still wishes to teach at EHS even if Corona continued to go on for a long period of time. She believes that this district is a really good one with excellent school leaders, and that this whole community is doing their part. She feels really blessed with teaching people in person. 

Mrs. Welle is the new Spanish teacher at EHS. Mrs. Welle is feeling overwhelmed to the whole COVID-19 and is trying her best to maintain teaching and staying healthy. Welle said, “It’s really sad overall, it’s frustrating that we can’t just have our normal life and that a lot of people are getting sick but hopefully if we are careful and take a lot of precaution then hopefully soon it will go away.” Welle says that if Corona goes on for longer that teachers can help students even though doing distant learning is not the most fun for some students, some students like it, but everyone can learn to adapt and get better at doing that. She just wishes to do more partner activities and games, and more movement with interaction. She doesn’t like how the students have to do things individually. 

Mr. Cyphers is the new industrial technology teacher. Cyphers has maintained social distance and kept clean his life and doesn’t really have to change anything since Corona. He said, “I wear a mask when asked and I have always washed my hands, maintained personal space and used hand sanitizer. My habits never changed.” Cypher is not really affected by Corona, this is Cypher’s normal routine. Mr. Cyphers is a long term substitute teacher for the year, he still wishes to teach during corona to help the students learn but after this year he will go back to being a daily substitute teacher. Mr. Cyphers wouldn’t really change anything that’s happening now because he believes that he would still be doing the things he is doing now and nothing could change that.