The new version of Cross Country


Genesis Gurnsey, Opinion editor

As Cross Country moves forward and proceeds to do meets, they have to begin practices a little different this year. The team has started to adapt and get more comfortable with these new procedures.  The Cross Country athletes have to have their temperature checked, wear masks before running, and are constantly worried about their season being cut short.  

“We have to have our temperature taken before every practice,” says senior Becca Doughty (21).  If their temperature is under 100.4°F, they can participate in practice, meets, and activities that are occurring that day. Even if they have a temperature of 100.3°F, it is still acceptable.  Along with worrying about not being able to practice, the Cross Country runners are worried their season may be cut short.  “Obviously it would suck, but we’re just playing it by ear, it is what it is, like there’s nothing we can do about it,” Doughty said.   

The team has to wear masks as much as possible at meets.  The runners must wear their masks until they get to the start line; then they can take them off.  “We have to wear masks, for the first few minutes, then we can take it off and we have to carry it,” Logan Gullet (23) said. “As soon as we’re done we have to put it back on.”  Managers, coaches, and spectators must wear their masks at all times while at the meets.

Once the school opened, and students came back, very few sports got approved.  Luckily, Cross Country got approved to have their season.  As the Cross Country team completed their very first meet of the season on Saturday, August 22, they faced challenges and victories. Even through the team had to overcome obstacles with the new regulations, Andie Rasmussen (24) got first for girls, and Logan Gullet (23) got first for the boys.     

Gullet was the first to bring home a victory. He said, “I was pretty happy; the guy behind me was pretty far away.” During last year’s Cross Country season, Gullet led the Cross Country team – even going to the State Cross Country Competition with senior Evan Gesick (21).  

 At the University meet on August 28, Rasmussen got first place for the girls, and Gullet got first place for the boys. Gesick followed Gullet getting second place for boys.   

 Eaton held a  JV meet on Saturday, August 22.  Freshman, Aedy Barclay (24), was the first girl to cross the finish line giving her a proud first place. “Well, being the first crossing the finish line and realizing I was the first girl made me really excited,” Barclay said.  “There is a chance the school could get shut down, meaning Cross Country would get shut down, so I’m definitely scared of that. Even if it does, I’ll still run and train.”

As the Cross Country season proceeds, all the team members still run and practice while knowing today might be the last day they can run as team. Half way through the season, Eaton’s Cross Country team is racing for the finish line, reaching new territories, and passing their goals.