EHS Reopening Plans

New safety precautions are set in place for the new school year in midst of COVID-19


Abigail Vondy, Editor in Chief

The everyday life of a student is about to get a lot more strange as summer halts to an end. With COVID-19 continuing to shake the world, students and staff must take the appropriate precautions to stay safe and healthy in class. 

A mass email was sent to the parents/guardians of the district to determine which students will be continuing their classes online or in-person. Every family must submit their registration by August 1. All teachers are required to provide a hybrid classroom to accommodate all students, whether they decide to stay home or brave the hallways. 

According to the reopening task force, safety has become the number one priority. All students and staff must wear masks while inside the building to prevent the spread of germs. Handwashing stations will be available in all classrooms and throughout the building. Students must wash their hands prior to entering all classrooms throughout the day. Water fountains will be limited and sharing food is no longer allowed. 

Students can meet in the commons, library (at 50% capacity), aux gym, or main gym at the beginning of the day or during lunch. The campus will be opened during lunch hour as well. According to the reopening task force, these locations enforce safe social distancing practices. The main entrance (South side of the building) will be the designated entrance and exit. Students must wash their hands prior to entering and exiting the building. 

Chrome books will be distributed to students with a power cord for personal use throughout the entire school year. The chrome books will be returned at the conclusion of the 2020-21 school year. 

This will be a difficult year for all. Students should do their part to keep their classmates and community safe. Overcoming online schooling was a challenge for many, but this next challenge will most likely be the most difficult. 


Official plans for the reopening: