EDM takes a turn during quarantine


Gabriel Holguin Lopez, Opinion editor

One of the most hated things to have been canceled with the virus is all of the concerts. For example, Global Dance Festival an EDM (electronic dance music ) concert was planned to happen in June and when it was canceled made me very sad. I was upset to hear of the cancelation until the Face book for the concert said they were going to continue with still happening but instead via a live stream. Which was at least better than nothing. The way it was going to happen was from 12 pm to 12 am 24 different artists would perform in 30 min slots. The live stream happened on the live streaming platform Twitch. I had no idea how it would turn out because you can’t get the same experience of being at a concert, with loud music and a huge crowd of people and such from a smartphone or streaming device at home. When the concert started my anticipation wasn’t at its highest because of my dought for how good it could be. But I was very wrong. It was great the atmosphere of an electric dance festival was there because I hooked up some of my speakers to my phone and had I on blast which helped and enjoyed the show. It was very interesting how these artists or DJs perform at home when their regular stage or way they perform is very different. Many had some very interesting setups like projectors and flashing lights which helped with the atmosphere they were trying to create. Although I’m sure some people were there the entire 12 hours listening in on the concert I was not so fortunate. The best DJs were always typically towards the end anyways. For a beginning couple of hours, I was doing other things while listing in from time to time because there was a huge amount of artists I had never herd with some good stuff. Towards 3-4 I was watching the live stream and was until the end of the night took a break then went to bed and watched the rest and fell asleep after the last performance which ended at midnight.The whole thing was such an interesting thing to be apart of to see I liked how the DJs would pretend there was a huge stage where they were performing and put in the effort to make it feel more realistic. Although The global dance festival wasn’t everything I wanted it to be I enjoyed it for what it was.