Sleep could be your worst nightmare…

Is sleeping as important as they say it is?

Sleep could be your worst nightmare...

Kassidy Hemby, Staff Reporter

Dreams and nightmares, one beautiful and one horrifying, both are results during a deep sleep. Sleeping is the human body’s way of resting and replenishing itself for another day of hard work. 

According to, “the average adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep to function at its best.” For teens and young children according to, they need more than 9 hours. Why do humans need so much sleep? Why is sleep so important?

Sleeping is a fragile thing, if you get too little or too much of it then you are at risk of diseases and in rare cases death. With little to no sleep or too much sleep, an increase in conditions like diabetes mellitus and heart disease are more likely to rise. 

Teenagers and adults rarely get the complete hours of sleep their body’s need. For teenagers shifts in schedules like, jobs, homework, and sports can harshly affect their sleep efficiency. Adults often stay overtime at work and similarly have adjustments to their schedules too. published an article saying, “Not getting enough sleep can weaken your immune system, cause weight issues, increase risk to cancers and diabetes, and even impact driving abilities.” Sleeping is seen as a simple thing, but the majority of people don’t know that; yes, you can die from lack or too much sleep.

Too much sleep also has a negative impact. Napping all the time or never leaving your bed will result in obesity, depression, and increase pain levels. Humans all around the globe struggle with sleeping habits. They want to stay up that extra hour playing video games, or ‘pull and all nighter’. What people need to realize is that if sleep is drastically altered, tiredness will be the least of their problems. 

From a good dream to a horrifying nightmare, don’t forget to sleep. Go to bed on time, make that change to keep your body healthy. Sleep can be deadly if you don’t provide your body with the right amounts of it. Feel free to catch some Z’s.