Seniors reflect on absence of Class Day


Left: Hallie Carroll, Middle: Ethan Vanecek, Right: Grace Sandau

Emily Hogsett, Sport's Editor

Due to COVID-19, many Eaton High School seniors are forced to go without their last year of high school memories, graduation, prom, and Class Day.  The 2020 Class Day will not happen but EHS staff has done its best to send the seniors off.  Posters of every senior of the class of 2020 have been hung in front of the school to honor them since they can’t be sent off in the same way as other classes.  

Class Day, a school-wide celebration, is important to the seniors.  The entire school dresses up and attends the assembly, watches slideshows, and celebrates in dedication to the senior class.  For the 2020 senior class, none of this can happen.  

“Class Day to me is seeing how your friends have grown up through the years and seeing how far we have all come as a class as well as personally.  I think we will be stronger but disappointed that we were unable to complete many memories that many of the other classes before us got to do,” Hallie Carroll (20) said.  

The seniors are experiencing strange and unfamiliar territory when it comes to their high school goodbye.   Ethan Vanecek (20) looks at the circumstances differently than most. “No. Other classes have gone through more sad things that affected them way deeper than this virus,” Vanecek said.  Class Day is the start of big life changes.  Vanecek is trying to stay positive through all of this and talks to his friends as much as possible.  

“I will miss having the whole school together in honoring our class as we close this chapter of our lives, and just how it’s such a tradition and an honor to be a part of,” said Grace Sandau (20). “Class Day is like one last time with your class and remembering all the good times as we close out this chapter and move on to our next. And now that we don’t have it, everything feels incomplete and it may not seem like a big deal to other people, but to the seniors who had it taken from them is a really big deal.”   

For the class of 2020, Class Day isn’t a possibility, but the school and community are wishing them well as they adventure into the next chapter of their lives.  EHS is looking forward to being able to celebrate our senior class of 2020 when this passes.