Bringing Positivi-TEA

Paying it Forward


Itxel Nunez, Staff Reporter

In the midst of the Pandemic, a sigh of relief can be experienced with the act of helping people.  Frontline workers are constantly out of their homes and risking their health to help the people who have been medically affected by COVID-19.

When times like these come around, for many it is tough to stay positive. In this case, Katie Martin decided to show support towards her community and the frontline workers.

Martin is the owner of J-Town Nutrition in Johnstown. This store provides people with a healthy protein shake and energy tea that is used worldwide. The flavors of teas range from Arnold Palmer, to Jolly Ranchers. There is a variety of shakes that they make such as Cap’n Crunch and Peanut Butter and Jelly.

She saw that many of the frontline workers had never ending jobs that are very overwhelming in these times of crisis. Therefore, she created the Pay It Forward Campaign. This amazing act of kindness has impacted the community in a positive way. Pay It Forward consists of customers purchasing an extra tea or shake that is then delivered to all the amazing people working to keep our community safe and healthy.

This act provides the frontline workers good nutrition along with the overwhelming amount of support and appreciation people have towards them.  Martin previously worked in a hospital, so this was one of the things that inspired her. She said “I know how easy it can be to feel undervalued, so I love being able to help coordinate a little joy for everyone.”

This pandemic has brought nothing but bad news to people, but little by little, Martin’s little act is bringing the community closer together while also giving gratitude to all of the frontline workers. Clean energy and a big boost of caffeine from the assortment of teas sold through J-Town Nutrition is a popular purchase for the workers.

Martin’s small act of kindness has shown to be very successful and continues to spread joy to nurses, doctors, firemen, etc..There is more than negative news out there. To help contribute, order online, by phone or in store. All information can be found on their facebook page, J-Town nutrition. They can also be contacted at (970)616-2969. A simple act of purchasing a tea or drink, writing a thank you card and more, floods our negative world with positive outreaches and appreciation.