Polis announces school closure and new guidelines

Eaton Schools to be closed till the new school year and ‘Safer-at-home’ period to be in act May 1


Emily Hogsett, Sport's Editor

Governor Polis announced on April 20 that all Colorado schools will remain closed till June 30 and face-to-face learning will not start again till next fall with strict guidelines.  Eaton Schools will be following these guidelines and will be continuing online schooling according to Superintendent Muse. 

 As of  April 20 Colorado has over 9,000 cases of COVID-19 and of those cases over 1,121 are in Weld County.  Inside of Eaton’s zip code (80615)27 cases have been reported.  

“We are just not ready to bring students back until we can have a firm plan in place to do that safely,” Dr. Mark Wallace from the Weld County Department of Public Health said. “We are working to have health guidelines in place to reopen schools in August with new protocols to keep students and staff safe.”

Polis also announced new outlines for businesses and the public to follow called the Safer-at-home period, which starts May 1.  This new period allows businesses to open again with guidelines and limited interaction.  

Those at risk are still strongly encouraged to stay home.  Under these guidelines, the general public should stay home as much as possible, wear facemasks when in public, avoid going out, and not have gatherings of over 10 people.

Eaton Schools will be finishing the school year online just like the rest of Colorado schools, due to the risk of having face-to-face learning and interaction.  Online School will officially end on May 15.  

For Eaton High School’s students, drop off and pick up of school materials is still being planned.  Principal Jay Tapia said, “ I will be sending out an announcement in the next few weeks to explain how material drop off and pick up will work. I am going to try to coordinate it with our yearbook distribution. It will be a few students at a time. That much is for certain.

Tapia and Seniors are collaborating to determine how graduation and other senior activities will work or even happen.  “I hope that you are all healthy and your families are healthy. That is first and foremost. I want you to know that we will do everything we can to send our seniors out with something to remember. That we will try to make the most of this for everyone,” Tapia said.  

For the upcoming school year, a lot is still uncertain.  “Much depends on the next few months. I want you to prepare for school looking different. We may need to be creative to continue some kind of social distancing in our building when we return, but still too early to know 100 percent,” Tapia said.

As for Eaton’s athletics, CHSAA has announced that all spring sports have been canceled.  This includes all festivals, performances, competitions, practices, scrimmages, and games.  

Colorado is one of over 30 states that have canceled their spring sports and activities.  CHSAA is hoping and working to have a normal season for fall sports.