E-Learning grading expectations

New grading system has been put in place in midst of COVID-19 quarantine


Abigail Vondy, Managing Editor

The RE-2 district went into isolation with very little knowledge of the future. In an almost scrabbling fashion, staff were able to carry out a stable form of education for the student body. But no one could predict how long this new E-Learning would last. So after two weeks of quarantine, the district was forced to implement new grading expectations. As students and staff slowly adjust to online learning, superintendent Bridget Muse and the Board of Education have discovered the best way to go about the next few unknown weeks. 

Through the new grading system, students have the potential to improve or lower their grade by up to one letter. All grading will be through google classroom and will run exactly like it has for the past two weeks. 

The chart below explains the grade change percentages and gives a better understanding of what google classroom grading will look like. Students must understand that grades can both improve and suffer during the next four weeks. 

Here is an example of how this grading system will affect an infinite campus grade: Imagine that on March 13, my Infinite Campus grade is an 85% (B), I earn a 92% on my E-learning Google Classroom work during the April 15 to May 15th time period, my new final grade for the second semester would be a 93% (A): 85% (I/C) + 8% increase (E-learning work) = 93% overall grade (A).

The district understands that school is not necessarily the most important aspect of the student body’s life during this crisis, so expectations have been put in place. “Content will be consistent between teachers of the same content/grade and we will avoid teaching new content that is too difficult for independent learning. Emphasis should be on creating project-based units that ask students to practice reading, writing, discussing, creating, and computing. Special service providers, counselors, and paraprofessionals should be included in content planning to ensure support for all learners to access instruction,” Muse said. 

Starting April 15 and ending on May 15, the district has placed four main goals for the end of the year. Achievement, culture, community, and leadership. Teachers and staff want students to explore their mind with writing, art, reading, physical activity, etc while also engaging with peers and teachers. Students and staff throughout the district are also encouraged to “do their part” for the community. Stay inside and stay safe. Finally, support those around you during these trying times.