Find captivating music in quarantine

Find captivating music in quarantine

Addie Burke, Staff Reporter

A beat, the strum of a guitar, a chord on the piano, a melody. A song… that is sometimes all we need to get us through hard times. It lets us know that we aren’t alone. We aren’t the only ones struggling with this new way of life. Everyone’s lives were flipped upside-down and turned inside-out when Covid-19 struck the nation. It put terror in some, but the stay-at-home order has left more than a few people high and dry. Most of the nation’s population has to work from home or do online schooling, if they haven’t cancelled everything completely. Stores and restaurants closed, only essential business, like hospitals and grocery stores are open at the moment. The people that can’t go into work are stuck at home because of two main reasons… one, a six feet apart rule has been put into play and two, there is nothing to do because everything is shut down for the time being. So while those people are sitting at home, they might start to feel alone and isolated from the world.

This is where music can do its thing. Listening to music is a sort of escape from the reality around us, and hearing lyrics that we can relate to makes us feel less alone. It lets us know that we are not the only ones feeling this way. We are all alone, but we are alone together. There is a wide variety of songs that you can relate to your “quarantine days” … or is it “quarantine daze”?

The most relatable song was actually written about social distancing. The sing-songwriter, Alec Benjamin, wrote “Six Feet Apart” to let his audience know that he was going through the same thing they are. The lyrics describe the loss of ability to be in close contact with a loved one.

Another song explains that nobody is alone, others are in the same situation, sung by Forest Blakk, “Put Your Hands Up” is this feel-good song. The acoustic version is especially beautiful.

A song about the people trying to achieve their goals that aren’t quite making it yet are appreciated in Alicia Keys’ song “Underdog.”

Mufasta’s song “Stay Alive,” is about avoiding the traps of life like drugs, alcohol, and violence. We have to have the same motivation to keep going in our days of social distancing. We can’t give up and go into a depressed state; we have to stay strong and healthy.

A song about healing and praying a loved one will get better, “Soon You’ll Get Better” by Taylor Swift, features the Dixie Chicks.

“Blackbird” by the Beatles is about learning how to cope with what you have. You have to teach yourself how to continue and thrive.

Tenille Townes song proves that people need love and touch. Social distancing stops us from getting that needed connection, but “The Most Beautiful Things” explains that you don’t simply look at beauty, you feel it.

Quarantine can be a hard time to stay positive, but if you keep your head up through all of this chaos, good times and happiness are sure to follow, Johnny Nash’s, “I Can See Clearly Now” explains just this concept of good days coming.

On a funnier note, Adam Sandler performed his “Quarantine Song” from home on The Tonight Show, saying thank you to the doctors saving lives every day.

All of these songs listed, will hopefully remind you that you are not the only one having a tough time during this pandemic. When this all ends, hopefully we will be healthy and happy. But in the meantime, escape from the changes and chaos of life, and lose yourself in the music.