The social media heroes


Gabriel Holguin Lopez, Opinion editor

Amid the virus, comes social media to save the day. A huge amount of the population amidst the coronavirus has been stuck at home, unable to leave. Everyone has turned to learning new skills or making the best of their time at home, but what about the celebrities? The majority has been doing the best to their ability to make their fans have a good time. On Instagram, notable celebrities, like actor Josh Gad, have gone on Instagram live to read a book to children and sometimes as the beloved character he plays in the movie Frozen Olaf. Comedians like Rainn Wilson (actor, The Office) or Jimmy Kimmel have their podcasts where they talk to their fans and such. Jimmy Kimmel had his job as a talk show host continue from home having guests like actor Jack Black from his house to continue. On Snapchat, Will Smith has started his own little story that includes him talking with people over the camera in hospitals and talking about the virus and his take. Also new is John Krasinski has started the show “Some Good News” which just promotes all the good happening in the world in such a dark time. Stuff that has gone viral is the doctors and nurses (the real heroes) getting applause from the people on rooftops and cities. Although their concerts had to be stopped because of the virus, techno artists Marshmello and Steve Aoki are having Live shows on youtube to keep their fans entertained. There have been a lot of movies like the live-action Mulan and Soul, Wonder Woman 1984, etc that have pushed back because of theaters closing down which has upset fans, but for the first time, a movie has come out straight to digital without going to theater first. Trolls World Tour, which is the sequel to Trolls, made news going straight to digital and being bold in doing so.