Chalk Positivity

Nakaiya Kuskie (20) goes the extra mile for school assignment


Abigail Vondy, Managing Editor


As COVID-19 rages throughout the world, it has become difficult to find positivity in all the chaos. For many teens, positivity has run dry as they are forced to stay idle in their homes. Making small acts of positivity so impactful during this trying time. 

Nakaiya Kuskie (21) proved this by going the extra mile for an online school assignment. History teacher Brittany Turnbull assigned her students a task of spreading positivity. She encouraged her classes to make signs, chalk drawings, posters, etc to help inspire and bring joy to the community.

Kuskie took this idea and ran with it. Using chalk and tape to create a beautiful mural outside of her home. The sidewalk was full of color and shapes with the words, “there is light in the darkness” underneath. 

People throughout the neighborhood could see her drawing. Whether it was from a car window or a quick jog, people were able to take the colors and word of wisdom home. Hopefully, calming their thoughts or inspiring them. 

“Everyone is worried about the world right now, and I think keeping everyone happy and positive is really important. I just wanted to remind people that there is still good in the world,” Kuskie said. 

As more people saw her chalk drawing, the Eaton Common’s sidewalks began to fill with other colors and drawings. Kuskie understood kids would be able to see her drawing and was excited to bring them some extra joy as well. 

Although the world seems like a dark place right now, people must stay positive and remind others to be as well. Think about how life will be once the pandemic is finally over and be excited about all the new memories. Kuskie said, “I’m just looking ahead at how good life will be once this all is over. I’m trying not to worry about everything too much.”