Livin’ La Vida Virtual


Charlotte Reynolds, News Editor

I am someone who runs a very tight and busy schedule, quarantine is quite the lifestyle change for me. Life before the global pandemic was chaotic and jam-packed, but many of us didn’t stop to recognize its beauty until it was gone. As the days and weeks pass and blend into each other, being stuck inside is becoming bearable.

The first two weeks of social distancing, I struggled to wrap my mind around what our world is facing. Now, I’ve experienced one week of online learning, and while I don’t love it, It has re-established my schedule and re-ignited my passion. Finding motivation to be productive is hard when you have the choice to lie around.

After watching as much Netflix, Tik-Tok, and Disney Plus as possible, it gets old. Tasks like cooking a healthy breakfast, tanning, drawing chalk outside, playing ping-pong, working out, and playing drums make everyday life a little more exciting.

I’ve had the opportunity to form a closer relationship with my family members, which is something I’m very thankful for. On rare occasion, we have a family movie night, game night, and dinner all in the same week. I don’t follow an exact schedule for my school work, but I try to keep it consistent. I wake up around 8:30 every morning and make breakfast and coffee (that’s only my first cup of the day). I spread out my Biology, English, and History assignments throughout the week, so I’m engaging myself, but not overwhelmed. I try to practice drumming and band technique every other day if not every day.

At this point, virtual life is the new norm. This is a great time to get the relaxation we’ve needed and use this unlimited time to follow our passions.