Living Virtually


Emily Hogsett, Sport's Editor

These past few weeks have been total chaos.  Everything about our normal routines have been completely ruined.  Who knew that a virus could change our everyday lives so much. Throughout these rough times, it’s easy to find a lot of time with my family and to enjoy what is around.  

So far, this week has been so stressful.  Before this pandemic happened, I was planning on participating in FCCLA state conference, solo and ensemble for choir, and multiple 4-H activities.  Most of those activities have been cancelled. Adding onto the struggle, online learning started Monday, March 30.  It’s hard to wrap my head around and find a way to deal with everything going on.

I have spent a lot of quality time with my family these past two weeks.  We achieved everything from putting fences in to playing board games in the evenings. I have enjoyed every moment with them.  When regular school was in session, I would get home and go straight to doing homework, which occupied most of my evening. During this isolation I have realized being with my family is great – and I really needed it.   

When I am not working on school or doing family activities, my time is spent drawing floor plans, practicing photography, working out, and being outside. 

It’s always been said that hard times bring people closer, but now, as a society, we are experiencing it first hand.  My family is much closer together and that’s one thing I can thank COVID-19 for. It seems like so many valuable lessons have come from this.  This new routine has taught me how valuable faith, family, friends and freedom are.