My online experience

How is quarantine and online schooling working for the students at EHS?


Abigail Vondy, Managing Editor

What happens when a teenager is trapped in their house for weeks on end? When the only human contact they are allowed is with their siblings and pets? Boredom? Insanity? 

For me, it is all of the above. I have succumbed to the boredom of my home. The long days have seemed to stretch on for centuries and no amount of Netflix or Disney Plus can help. Although I try very often. My insanity comes from the repetition of my days. They all seem to blur together into one. I don’t know what I would do if I was an only child. My dad and siblings have been my saviors during this quarantine. I have really gotten closer to them and enjoy their presence more now than I did during school. My dog, Gunner, has also been another presence in the house that seems to help me out of my cloud of boredom. 

To fill the hours of the day, I have been enjoying walks, reading, riding my bike, and hanging out with my family. This makes quarantine much easier and less painful. Lets not forget about sleeping in. Getting a few extra hours of sleep a day is a blessing. 

Boredom has since decreased since the beginning of online schooling. But insanity has not. Although the work is not hard, it is tedious. I have eight classes, five of which are core classes. And since I am a person who would rather hard work over tedious work, my insanity has only increased. I’m sure most students can relate to the fact that my teachers are trying very hard to discover a way to teach that is best for us. But the experimenting results in some confusion. I am taking it one day at a time and trying my best to stay up on my work. 

For most of my classes, teachers posted all the work they wanted completed for the entire week on Monday. Meaning I can determine when during the week I want to do the work. I was able to get most of my class work done on the first few days. Although it was stressful and took a lot of work, it was very rewarding because it granted me more free time towards the end of the week. 

I believe the first week of online was a success. Although there was some confusion and communication issues, they were quickly resolved and I am proud of how the district and teachers have handled the situation for us. 

Here are some things I have learned during my quarantine. Family is truly all you need during this time. Be with them and make memories, there may never be another chance like this to connect with them. Occupy yourselves with productive brain-friendly activities. Don’t spend too much time on Tik-Tok. Be there for your friends. They may need you now more than ever. Be sure to remind them that you love them. Don’t wait to do your schoolwork until the last day! You will regret it! And finally, stay inside and stay safe. 

Contact me if you need anything, I am here to help.