Eaton spring sports cancellation extended to April 30


Emily Hogsett, Sport's Editor

Eaton has extended the closure of all spring sports due to CHSSA recently announcing that the suspension of all high school athletics will be pushed back to April 30 due to COVID-19.  This follows the extension on the suspension of schools and social-distancing requirements by the state government.  

Governor Polis announced on April 1 that school closure be extended till April 30.  Social distancing is effective until this date as well. Spring activities resuming will be determined when students are able to return to face-to-face instruction.  

Eaton is full of many amazing athletes that will be missing out on most of their spring sport season, if not all of it.  For the senior athletes of EHS, scholarships, memories, championships, and titles are lost.

Shaena Florence (20) is a senior tennis player.  “I think the thing I’ll miss most is definitely just being out on the courts.  I think this year we had a really good change because of how many girls we had out and how good the freshmen were.  It’s so unfortunate for the seniors and everyone, actually, because we don’t get that one year of playing time,” Florence said.  

Track athlete Angel Arroyo (21) will be missing out on track season.  When hearing the news, Arroyo said, “I was very disappointed. I worked all off season to never have an opportunity to compete.  Although I have another year, this puts pressure on me for next year to keep the scholarships.” Arroyo would have been competing in the long jump, triple jump, 100m dash, and 100 relay for the Reds track team.  

Eaton’s baseball team goes to State on a regular basis and has taken home many State titles.  “I will miss the team the most and having fun with all my teammates, but not being able to compete for a state title is what is the most heartbreaking,” Roper Rich (20) a senior baseball player said.  Rich, along with other athletes aren’t sure how scholarships are going to work without their sports season since they can’t show their skills. 

Eaton High School’s Athletic Director Steve Longwell said, “ I completely agree with CHSAA and the decisions they have made surrounding the postponement of spring sports through April 30th for many reasons.  First and foremost the US government is requiring social distancing through the 30th; our state is requiring shelter in place through the 30th; all sporting events (professional, college, high school) are doing the same thing, cancelling.  While I understand that this is heart-breaking for many people, including myself, we have to realize that there are bigger things than athletics/activities. Right now our country, the whole world, is suffering. We need to focus on each other, helping our families, our relatives, and neighbors navigate their way through these crazy, chaotic times.”

The next month is full of uncertainties and life changing decisions.  Our athletes are forced to wait another month out to see if they will get the chance to put on their uniforms and do something they know best – compete.