Find happiness through making memories


Emily Hogsett, Sport's Editor

We are all stuck in our houses and on our properties and only able to leave for “essential” purposes.  This is so much different than being physically at school; not just because we are online, but because we are stuck with our family 24-7.  It’s hard being with family ALL the time, but we have to make the most of it and make memories together in these tough times. 

To pass time, my family and I  play board games. Through the games we laughed and made memories.  The worst times always seem to bring us together. During this isolation, I have found the time to be with my family and have spent quality time with them that I normally wasn’t able to.  It has really made me see the bigger picture in life – there are bigger lessons than school can teach. 

Olivia Comer (22) has been making many memories with her family, especially her dad and new puppy.  “Even though my season is postponed I still go outside and throw with my dad or hit in the cages,” Comer said.  Before isolation Comer played club softball and has found happiness in still being able to have some softball in her life.  “I have laughed many times and have some great memories since I have been around my family more. My best memory of isolation is definitely getting my new puppy,” She said.

Ben Williams (21), like many kids, is spending time with his family.  Williams said, “We have been playing board games and going on walks. We were playing a board game the other day and both me and my brother started laughing so hard that we were rolling around on the ground crying.”    

COVID-19 has brought so much pain into the world that it’s hard to find happiness, but students have managed to do so despite the situation.  I’m doing things with my family that during normal school, I would have been too busy to do. Happiness is up to you in these times. You must find the good in the bad and have a positive outlook on the predicament we are all in.