Choirs perform excellence

Final song becomes tribute for times


Abigail Vondy, Managing Editor

Eaton choir presented a concert unlike any other on Feb 28. With cowboys, jazz bands, acapella, impressive solos, and an amazing sound quality. students create a beautiful and breathtaking experience when Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, Troubadours, and Bella Voce all constructed a concert that left the audience in awe. 

Choir director, Christina Contreras said she challenged every choir for this concert. Women’s Choir performed extremely technical songs that demanded serious effort and work, beautiful and impressive. The Men’s Choir also had a beautiful and impressive result. Singing and dancing to “Sold (Grundy County Auction)” by Royer Fagan, the boys made the audience laugh while they showed off their vocal talent and hoe-down outfits. Dancing with cowboy hats and flannels, the boys created an unforgettable experience. Bella Voce was also given difficult music, college-level in fact, and it was executed beautifully.

Troubadours truly outdid themselves with an amazing acapella song followed by a collaboration with the EHS Jazz Ensemble. The band and choir came together to sing “You Make Me Feel So Young” by Gordon Myrow Althouse and soloist, Matea Floryance (20), really enjoyed the opportunity to sing with the jazz band. “We have never had a jazz band back us up and it was really cool because we’ve never tried something like that before. It was new and we all sounded really good together,” she said.

All the vocalists came together for one last moving song,  “Bridge Over Troubled Water” a Simon and Garfunkel classic arranged by Simon Shaw. This song wrapped up the night with what Contreras called a touching and expressive message. “I love getting all the choirs together, and that particular song is about being there for people in need. It was really just a heartfelt song. And having all of those kids sing something like that, it really sticks with you forever,” she said. 

The choir has two more concerts to finish off the year. CHSAA Choral Championship Concert on May 1 and a Spring Choir Awards Concert May 8. The choirs will continue to work and improve themselves as the year reaches an end.