COVID-19 prompts extension of Spring Break

The district takes precautionary measures to slow the spread of coronavirus

COVID-19 prompts extension of Spring Break

Abigail Vondy, Managing Editor

Eaton High School has extended Spring Break by a week in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. On March 13, most schools throughout Colorado took precautionary measures to ensure the safety of staff and students. CHSAA has announced that all spring sports and activities will be suspended until April 6 to prevent further spread. The basketball state competition held on March 12-15 only allowed four fans per player. Other than that, essential personnel only. Track, baseball, tennis, boys swimming, and winter guard will be postponed until the three weeks are over. This means the athletes will not have practice of games until the suspension is over. 

The extension on March 16-20 will employ the extra snow days the district has acquired over the year. The next two weeks of break will not have any consequences but if the COVID-19 virus is not under control by the end of Spring Break, on March 30, the school will have to make alternate plans on educating the students. This will most likely be some kind of online education or an extension to the school year to reach the required amount of hours. 

Students have been told to bring all their school work home with them just in case the virus prompts an extension. There is no way of predicting what happens next, but the community must do their part to prevent the spread and wash hands frequently to slow down the virus.