Patriot League grants new opportunities

World renowned conductor, Ray Crammer, comes to teach and enhance instrumental skills


Abigail Vondy, Managing Editor

As Eaton High grows and the desks become more crowded, more and more students fall in love with the musical arts and everything that comes with the instruments and playing sheets. This year, with the growth of the bands, Eaton was able to send 25 students to Patriot League at the Union Colony Civics Center on February 10. Patriot League allows students an experience of a lifetime. Bringing together 85 total band members from 12 schools all around the county, students are presented the opportunity to understand the feeling of a real, large-scaled band.

Band Director, Logan Doddridge, said, “I like the opportunities that the kids get from playing in a bigger band. Our bands are getting bigger here at Eaton High School, but they aren’t 85 people. So when there are 85 people in one room and they all are there for the same reason and want to make music, that’s a really cool experience for the kids to have.”
Patriot League allows those most passionate about music to see the magic of a real performance outside of the band room at school. Clarinetist Cade Bean (20) said, “We are around the same people every day, and since I’m in multiple bands, I’m with those same people for hours a day, so it’s really nice to meet new friends and play with them.” Through the performance, students get to interact and make memories with others who share the same love for music as they do.

Not only did this allow students an opportunity to play at a larger scale, but also they had the ability to learn from one of the best. World-renowned clinician, Ray Crammer, conducted the performance and took the short six hours of practice as a whole band and created a beautiful concert by the end of the night. Trumpeter Feliz Martinez (22) said, “We had a really experienced clinician. With this guy, you could feel exactly what he wanted from us the entire time which was truly amazing.”

Doddridge also was amazed by the opportunity. He said, “This guy conducts all over the world. He even conducts in Japan! And when he said yes I truly couldn’t believe it. So that was a really cool deal. Having him with the kids.”
Patriot League brings together students of the same passion and allows them the opportunity to hear their music on a grander scale. And when being conducted by one of the best, all band members were bound to learn something for the entire experience and come back as better artists.