2020 Brings New Heights to the Reds Boys Basketball Team

The beginning of the year starts off with an amazing bang! 


Noelle Meager

Scott Grable (21) dribbles the ball in offense

Itxel Nunez, Staff Reporter

Eaton Reds basketball came back from winter break with four wins. With an average score of 66.8 points per game, the team started the season with two losses. In the game against Platte Valley, the final score was 77-64. The Reds showed hard work ethic and it paid off when they went against the Broncos. The Reds came out in the first quarter with a four-point lead in. Some of the key players included Nic Inda (20) and Scott Grable (21).

The highest scoring player of the night was Grable with 23 points and three rebounds. Although the team had a great victory, there were still plays and techniques they wanted to work on. Inda said the team always has a desire to work on things, even after victories. “[I was] happy that we won, but not satisfied with how we played. [We have] a lot to improve on,” Inda said. Grable also said that there are various things to work on and that although the end result of the game was a victory, the biggest challenge was just finishing the game.

Head coach Dean Grable said , “turnovers are always a challenge.” Coach Grable also said, “As a team, we try to be 10 or under. This game we had 13. Even though there are things to work on, the boys were still very happy and excited that they got to share the win with all of the fans, on a home court.” Moving towards other games, the team wants to improve on  defending the home floor and getting less turnovers. The Reds next home game is Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 7 p.m.